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Global Opportunities

High fixed overheads can be a major burden to even the best managed businesses. Many businesses have very cyclical sales and manufacturing periods. Often there are long periods where cash and profit drains from such businesses. It can be extremely difficult to manage the “low seasons” especially where direct labour is concerned. Keeping workers that are contributing little to overheads (not to mention profit) can be soul destroying, especially when accountants, managers and owners see hard-earned profits, made in peak trading periods, drift away. Flexing the direct labour force is difficult with high training and development costs almost making it a no-win situation.

Outsourcing can overcome these issues. Concentrating on in-house core competencies makes sense. Peripheral activities that add little or no value clog up the manufacturing environment. Just in time techniques are nothing new, but planned line-side deliveries of components and sub-assemblies can facilitate clear focus on core competencies. Lower stock holding, reduced Health and Safety, greater flexibility in quiter times are all advantages with outsourcing. Of course supplier selection is crucial.

Our services include:

  • Free appraisals of your particular situation
  • Written reports
  • Presentations at a location to suit you
  • Large supply base to tap into
  • High quality manufacturing and attention to detail
  • Complete confidentiality

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